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Water Removal Services

Expert Dry is a structural drying and water restoration company specializing in commercial and residential property and complex drying projects. Our water removal services far exceed what the typical client expects.

Our company prides itself on providing a service that is very different than what our industry typically offers. Our goal is to dry your building with as little tear out as possible. In almost all cases we are successful with drying your property with ZERO tear-out in clean water loses. We accomplish this by education and the use of state of the art equipment. Our success in fulfilling this goal has been the foundation of our company. We specialize in commercial buildings.

We Dry Wet Buildings! See our testimonials. 


For businesses that require a physical space to work, they can attest to the importance of having their work space available. However, sometimes, accidents happen and when water pipes or mains break in a building, it’s imperative to take care of the problem immediately! When companies don’t take steps to contact an emergency water removal services provider, they may end up with colossal damages.

However, with emergency water extraction, it’s possible to fix the problem and get back to business much faster. When looking for an emergency water restoration company a  client needs assurance that they can remove the water quickly and remove it with minimal damage. By using Expert Dry, it is possible to avoid many of the complications of leaking water pipes or water mains. Do you want to avoid tearing down your walls? Expert Dry’s specialized technology is designed to speed up the drying process, while not tearing apart the infrastructure. Businesses can rest easy on the knowledge that Expert Dry is on the scene and their business is in professional hands.

Expert Dry’s services are available for all buildings, both large and small. Even buildings with carpets can experience faster recovery with the help of emergency water removal services. Avoiding thousands of dollars in damages is a key priority and with swift responsiveness, buildings can be dried out much quicker and more efficiently. When a leak occurs, be sure to call the experts at Expert Dry immediately. The 24-hour emergency services are always on call, ready to respond to both large and small problems in your area.

While clean water losses can be a devastating problem for a business, it doesn’t have to be. With prompt attention and the right water restoration company, buildings can be dried out and ready to return for business as quickly as possible. With the latest technologies and services on hand, the expert emergency professionals at Expert Dry will work tirelessly to get your business back to normal, Fast!