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Emergency Water Removal Services in Pensacola


The owners of Expert Dry are specialists in Emergency Water Extraction.

If you think you would never need the help of an emergency water extraction services you are wrong because at any time you can experience a flood from a clean water source. This type of event can occur due to broken water pipes or faulty valves that create a flood like situation in your business, office complex or condo.

The worst thing about this kind of clean water flood is that you never can prepare for it and it can create much more damage compared to a natural flood. Because of this situation, it can affect your entire business, its infrastructure and interior as well as your ability to earn a living. That’s why when you experience this type of damage at your home, office or other large businesses; you should make a call to an emergency water extraction service that has specialization in Emergency Water Extraction and the ability to dry your interior without the need for a complete tear out.

Once your call Expert Dry for water removal services, you need not to worry about anything because they respond immediately and arrive at your location in the shortest possible time for restoration of your home, office or business. In this restoration work they use state of art machines to remove the water, dry the interior of the walls and floors and get you back to normal fast.

Other than restoration, a good emergency water extraction service will also provide you with instructions to minimize damage until the team reaches your location. After reaching to your location, they first ensure that the source of the water is repaired and begin the process of removing the water and drying out the building with their specialized equipment to dry the premises and prove their results.


Expert Dry specializes in drying commercial buildings:


Hospital/health care facilities, high rise buildings, office complexes and condominiums.
  • Our modern systems and expert team will have you up and going in no time at all.
  • Using very specialized thermal imaging technology, we do not have to guess where the water is, we can see it.
  • After we remove any standing water, we use the latest technologies available in our industry to restore your property.


We Dry You Out Without The Tear Out.
We can potentially save your weeks of down time and thousands of dollars in construction expense.