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Customer Testimonials

They responded really quick and got our building dried out in no time. Thanks Expert Dry!

Phil K.

We had a pipe burst inside our wall and it flooded the closet and the office nearby, Expert Dry came over and knew exactly what to do. They were able to dry everything out without tearing out the walls and carpets.

Charlotte N.

Our dishwasher drain hose disconnected while we were out and we got water all over our wood flooring. They were able to remove the water and dry out the floors before any real damage was done. Thanks!

Robert B.

We had a water heater leak on the 3rd floor that caused water to run into the walls and rooms of the floors below it. Expert Dry responded in quick time. They got the flooring and walls dry and didn't have to remove anything!

Dawn A.

Great response time and fast work guys! Thank you so much!

Josh D.