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Expert Dry Uses Hydronic Drying System in their Water Removal Services

Gulf Breeze, Florida (September 16, 2013) – Expert Dry, a trusted provider of water removal services in the Gulf Coast, is now using the Hydronic Drying System to speed up the drying process of targeted areas, especially during cases where HVAC systems cannot operate due to power outage.

The system works by producing heat that will hasten the drying process within a 40,000 square-foot coverage, which makes it suitable for large buildings, structures, and areas. The system also enables Expert Dry to conduct their drying services on buildings that are considered unsafe for occupancy due to certain hazards. The

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Commercial Drying

commercial drying

Expert Dry of Florida specializes in commercial properties and utilizes state of the art equipment to efficiently handle almost any size or type of water loss.

Expert Dry has developed a diverse commercial clientele. Please review the video testimonials to hear our customers and what they have to say about our service. They say it much better than we can. See our

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Dry Out Without the Tear Out

dry out without the tear out

Expert Dry specializes in drying your property with minimal down time to your operation. This is accomplished by restoring wet materials versus tearing them out. In a clean water loss i.e. broken pipe or sprinkler malfunction tearing out building material prolongs the restoration process and greatly increases cost.

When water has affected multiple levels, wet down ceilings walls and floors, Expert Dry is able to completely dry out without the tear out!

Frequently, water damage companies when faced with a wet building will start tearing out materials. When this is done drying is still necessary for the substrate and

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Water Removal

water removal

Water found in buildings can come from a number of sources. Broken pipes, toilet over flows, faulty sprinklers, storm surge, flood waters, Wind driven rain and of course human error just to name a few.

Although the problems are different they all share some of the same emergency needs. Time is the common enemy in all cases. The longer the water is allowed to permeate the materials of the structure the more difficult restoration becomes.

Don’t take a chance and don’t wait! Call us immediately to expedite the water removal process.

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