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About Us

When it comes to Pensacola water damage, picking the right company to fix your home or business can be very difficult. There are a lot of factors involved when choosing a company to get you back to the way life was before. 

Expert Dry is a team of water removal and drying experts in Pensacola and surrounding areas. We specialize in residential and commercial buildings. Hospital/health care facilities, high rise buildings and condominiums.

We dry wet buildings!

We dry out without the tear out and have been doing that since 1992. We service the Gulf Coast and beyond.  Our home base is in Gulf Breeze which makes us centrally located to handle all of North West Florida.  This gives us the ability to be on site in as little as an hour. We take pride in being able to keep you in operation with the smallest intrusion possible.

In almost all cases a wet building can be restored with minimal of no tear out. In our experiences many general contractors who go into the restoration drying business will show an attempt to dry out your building with the ultimate intention of tearing it out which then leads to a costly rebuild. Expert Dry is not a GC we are a drying contractor. Our goal is to dry your building with zero tear out which reduces unnecessary down time and a costly rebuild.

We’ve been serving the Gulf Coast for over 24 years. In that time since then, there has been hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding and even a couple ice storms. We got the experience and knowledge you need. Our processes can provide mold, bacteria and other microbial remediation services for your home or business

We are Florida Licensed Mold Assessor and Mold Remediators. We separate ourselves from the competition with experience and are certified by the state. 

We use Thermapure HeatThe ThermaPureHeat process is a patented new technology that utilizes dry, odorless and clean heat to create an environment that is lethal to many of the biological organisms and is conducive to rapid structural drying. 

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